1. Are the Tomatis® Infinite headphones right for me?

The Tomatis® Infinite headphones are suitable for everyone and the programs they contain are universal. They are recommended for all those who plan to follow a Tomatis® journey. To learn more about the Tomatis® Method applications, visit https://www.tomatis.com/en/areas-application

2. Can I order the headphones before my appointment with a professional?

Yes, you can order your headphones today, so you’ll be ready to start your individualized journey at your first appointment.

3. Can I use the Tomatis® Infinite headphones alone?

The Tomatis® Infinite headphones are designed first and foremost to accompany you on your individual listening journey. At the end of this journey, you can continue to use the Tomatis® Infinite headphones alone. You can also start the preparatory program before your appointment with a professional.

4. My child is hypersensitive and/or hyperactive. Will he or she be able to tolerate the headphones?

Most children, even those who are hypersensitive or hyperactive, can fully tolerate the headphones. The preparatory program is pleasant, rather short and well adapted to initiate your child. It will help sensitize him or her little by little. In some cases, the first few days can be somewhat difficult before the child accepts to wear the headphones continuously over time. You can start using the headphones a few minutes a day to get your child used to them. If you encounter strong opposition, don’t force your child and wait for your appointment with a Tomatis® Professional who can advise and accompany you.

5. How much does the Tomatis Method® cost?

To do the Tomatis Method®, you must have the Tomatis® Infinite headphones, the price of which is posted on this page (see here). The price of a complete individualized journey is set by the Tomatis® professional. Among other things, this cost will depend on the number of sessions and the support you need. The initial Tomatis® 90-minute assessment costs between USD 100 and USD 250 (or between EUR 80 and EUR 150), plus any other tests. Don’t forget to use your USD 50 (or EUR 50) voucher included with the purchase of the headphones. See here.

6. What if there’s no professional near me?

In some cases, we can offer you remote support. Contact us at infinite@tomatis.com to find out how.

7. What is the difference between the Tomatis® headphones and ordinary headphones?

There are many technical differences since Tomatis® Infinite is specially designed for the Tomatis® Method (bone conduction, voice feedback, dynamic filter, laterality etc.). Ordinary headphones cannot be used to follow a Tomatis® journey. Likewise, the Tomatis® infinite headphones are not suitable for listening to your regular music or any other music stimulation program.

8. Are there any contraindications?

Although the programs are universal, it is imperative that you contact a Tomatis® Professional in the following cases: children under the age of 4, tinnitus, degenerative diseases (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s…), psychiatric disorders, presence of cochlear implants, epilepsy. Depending on his or her specialty, he or she will be able to advise you.

9. What results can I expect and how long will it take?

“The Tomatis® Method results may vary from person to person, as well as the timeframe for obtaining them. Like speech therapy or psychology, there can be no absolute certainty, as each person is different. Also note that the Tomatis® Method is a sensory stimulation training based on the principle of neuroplasticity. This means that it takes time and repetition to achieve meaningful and lasting results. However, here you will find documented studies that show the benefits of the Tomatis® Method: https://www.tomatis.com/en/benefits
Most of the research is available here: https://www.tomatis.com/en/research-and-resources.

10. What are the conditions to activate the 14-day money back guarantee?

There are no questions or conditions. The return shipping costs are at your expense. You will be refunded immediately, via your credit card upon the return of your order.